Friday, June 22, 2012

Celebration Event, Road to the White House 2012 Books!

With the assistance of Melissa DePasquale, I finally finished editing the book of materials from the Road to the White House 2012.

We organized a brief "Celebration Event" at the Williams House to return students' internship papers and journals -- and to distribute the books! Over a pizza lunch, of course.

We were missing a few of our Obama interns, since they were over with the President in Tampa.  But we did enjoy hearing from one of the students who is now a Regional Field Organizer on the Romney Campaign about his recent trip to DC where he attended trainings at the RNC.  Pictured here, he is showing me a picture on his phone of him on the balcony outside Speaker Boehner's Office.

We were also pleased that Dean Bill Heller, Director of the Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership and Civic Engagement, could join us as well. We are grateful for the Course Development Grant from the Bishop Center that supported this course.

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